My name is Aaron Fukuda and I’m the owner of Senior Medicare Choices. I was born, raised and still live in Honolulu, Hawaii with my two beautiful children. I am a licensed professional in the Health and Life Insurance market since 2008. I specialize in providing Medicare Supplement health insurance to senior citizens and/or those who are Medicare eligible.

My goal is to help the Seniors better understand their Medicare choices so that they can make the best decision for their particular needs. Most of the clients that I meet are often very confused about Medicare and are unaware of the different plan choices that exist as well as all the different rules that come into play. This is how I actually got started in the Medicare Supplement market. My own grandmother was unaware of how Medicare worked and did not enroll into Medicare when she was first eligible to do so. By the time my family found out what had happened, there was a ridiculously high penalty that she would have had to pay for the rest of her life!

I cannot stress how important, choosing the right health insurance plan is to a person and their family. A lot of seniors I speak to think that all Medicare plans work the same way and that they are only differentiated by the cost of plan and/or the benefits. That couldn’t be further from the truth. There are two distinct paths of Medicare plans that one could choose. Medicare Supplements/Medigap plans, or Medicare Advantage/Medicare part C plans. Once you decide which path to take, then you have to decide on which plan within that specific category is best for your needs.

Back in the open enrollment period of 2011, I advised my dad to change his Medicare plan because I didn’t feel the plan that he insisted on having was the right one for him to be in based on his situation. He was diabetic, taking about 9 medications in total and overweight. I went over all of these reasons with him but of course he was comfortable with his plan as a lot of seniors are, but he was also focused on how inexpensive his current plan was. In the end, he decided to wait one more year to do the change.

In the summer of July 2012, my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and his doctor didn’t think there was anything that could be done. Of course our whole family wanted to get second opinions and seek potential treatment options. The insurance plan he had kept wasn’t very cooperative when our family was checking with other doctors. That’s when I learned what prior authorizations were and how difficult it can be to sometimes get care we were seeking. Unfortunately my father passed away in October 2012 and I realized just how important of a decision this is for every senior citizen, as it not only impacts themselves, but also their families.

A question that a lot of my clients ask me is, “Which plan would you recommend for me if I were your parent?” That question really hits home for me and with that said, I really do help guide each client to make the best decision for themselves as if they were my own parents. I look forward to helping you figure out the best plan for your specific needs and situation.