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Are you new to Medicare? Does This Look Familiar?


1. Go to the Learning Center to get familiar with the basics of Medicare, as well as the different types of Medicare plans.

2. Once you have an understanding of Medicare, the next step would be to contact our office for your FREE Medicare Review. This is where I get a better understanding of your situation so that I can assist best assist you. This could mean helping you select the best Medicare Supplement plan for your needs, keeping your current coverage or whatever makes the most sense and is in your best interest. Please contact me via Phone, Email or Fill Out The Form.

3. If it makes sense to select a Medicare Supplement plan, I will help you find the best plan at the best price that’s available. I am able to do this because I am an Independent Broker, which gives me access to all the plans in your area. This is advantageous for you, the consumer, as my loyalty is to YOU and not any one specific insurance carrier.

4. If I assist you in enrolling into a plan, I become your personal agent of record. What that means is, should you need any help with anything regarding your policy, you can still contact the insurance carrier customer service as normal, but you can also contact me for anything you need. In addition to that, I will check on your policy annually or if you receive any premium increases at any time, just contact me and I will see if there is another similar plan available at a lower cost. Again, you don’t pay me anything as I get compensated from the different insurance carriers. The amount of premiums you pay to the insurance carrier is the same whether you go through me or direct to the carrier. So why not have your own personal agent that will be an advocate for you.

5. TAKE ACTION. Once you get through this process, you will feel relieved and be glad you did.



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